Oops! Boris Johnson’s bodyguard takes a tumble as top Tory takes a morning jog at Conservative Party Conference

A bodyguard for Boris Johnson took a tumble today as the Foreign Secretary went for an early morning jog.

The police close protection officer hit the decks while Mr Johnson tried to swerve photographers yards from the door of his hotel.

Witnesses said Mr Johnson didn’t notice and carried on jogging. It’s not thought the officer was badly hurt.

The embarrassing scene happened in one of the busiest areas of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester – an open space between the centre and the luxury Midland Hotel.

Mr Johnson donned blue flowery beach shorts and a white polo shirt as he went for the run with Tony Gallagher, the editor of The Sun newspaper.

A witness said: There were two or three close protection officers with him. He tripped as he tried to get round the bollards. Boris didn’t notice.

The brief tumble wasn’t the only controversy Boris Johnson was running away from.

Last night he was bundled out of a fringe event at the conference when a journalist asked him if he was causing trouble for Theresa May.

And today pro-EU Chancellor Philip Hammond warned he was sackable after Mr Johnson repeatedly went beyond his brief by laying out public red lines for Brexit .

We all serve at the Prime Minister’s pleasure, Mr Hammond said.

And he told the BBC: I always operate on the principle that everybody is sackable.

Asked about Mr Johnson’s claim that the Brexit transition transition period should be two years and not a second more , he shrugged: I would describe that as a rhetorical flourish.

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