10 Times Kids Realized Their Parents Were Way Cooler Than They Will Ever Be

It always seems like “vintage” makes a come back every once in a while, but over the past few years it seems like the trend may be here to stay. In fact, many individuals truly regret being born in this modern era, and instead yearn for a late childhood and early adulthood of the 60s or 70s eras. However, it’s somewhat shocking to think that many human beings who are now seasoned parents were the ones who began and lived all these vintage things in the first place. What’s more, with the mass popularity of the internet and file sharing, there are more available visual examples than ever before which illustrate older generations setting trends that younger generations later claim as their own. Of course, any era that symbolized more peace and love than the modern era contains could easily be idolized (and idealized)—but checkout the images below to see why the 60s and 70s just might be truly special eras after all.

#1: A mom at 16 years of age, with her Camaro in 1975.

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