IKEA Employees Share What It’s Like To Work In The Beloved Furniture Wonderland

IKEA Employees Share What It’s Like To Work In The Beloved Furniture Wonderland

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IKEA is a dream brand—not just for shoppers, but for hopefuls who would love to work for the Swedish-based company.

What is it really like, though, to work for the brand that has developed an enormous fan base the world over?

Cosmopolitan compiled a few IKEA-insider revelations that were submitted onto job portal Indeed. Take a look at a few below, and read more at Cosmopolitan.

Great benefits

A Manchester-based IKEA manager revealed that employees receive great benefits including life insurance, interest free loans, and shots at annual bonuses. “The culture and values within the company are strong.”

Another employee revealed perks that include “staff discount[s], great Christmas bonus, three paid work parties per year, gifts on certain holidays, six weeks paid holiday per year.”

“Thousands of meatballs”

A former IKEA chef disclosed that IKEA workers receive subsidised meals at the IKEA restaurant, as well as free lunches on special occasions such as Christmas, so there are plenty of opportunities to gorge on Swedish meatballs and cranberry sauce.

Of course, it also means there are thousands of meatballs and loads of sauce for the kitchen staff to prepare each day.

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Presents from Santa

Employees are rewarded with Christmas presents and a party each year, promoting a happy working culture. Not a bad way to finish off a free Christmas IKEA feast.

“Those things aren’t gonna build themselves!”

IKEA is famous for its self-assembly furniture, and if putting together one ‘Billy’ bookcase makes you want to tear your hair out, you may want to reconsider working on the IKEA floor.

“We build everything in the store, including the bins and racking throughout the entire store. I used to spend 4 out of 5 of my days building,” shared one IKEA employee.


Hard to get promoted

Though company culture is described as friendly and healthy, one London manager says that career progression is challenging at IKEA. “Many opportunities to move to other functions…fewer opportunities to advance in your own area.”

Read more about the inner world of IKEA’s work culture here.

[via Cosmopolitan, images via various sources]



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