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Capital One TV Commercial, 'Bowl Mania: Blinds' Featuring Samuel L. Jackson

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Actor Samuel L. Jackson, former basketball player Charles Barkley and film director Spike Lee are tailgating at the Capital One Orange Bowl. Jackson mentions that their next stop will be Phoenix for the National Championship and wonders what the demonym for people from Phoenix is. After Jackson and Lee both give their guesses, Jackson turns to Barkley for an answer, since he is from Phoenix. Barkley responds, "Phoenician, like the blinds." Jackson corrects him by saying "Venetian," but Barkley doesn't understand and asks, "Why would people from Phoenix be called Venetians?" In response, Jackson can only muster a sarcastic, "Why, indeed?" Capital One Quicksilver, a sponsor of the College Football Playoff, offers users 1.5 percent cash back on purchases.

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