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Chick-fil-A TV Commercial, 'The Time Shop'

Published In Restaurants

Sam looks out the window at the beautiful snow falling down, but her mom is busy on the computer, her dad is on the phone and her brother can't be distracted from his video game. She starts to walk dejectedly up the stairs to her room when she sees Tick and Tock -- two cats in her family's grandfather clock. She follows the cats to the clockmaker's shop who says there's "lost time," "time that flies" and "together time." Sam wishes she could get more of "together time" so the clockmaker sends her back with a card. She presents her parents with a card that promises that it's good for one hour of snowman building, and they smile as they go outside to make their memories. Chick-fil-A says that it can help give you and your family the gift of time.

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