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Game of War: Fire Age TV Commercial, 'HERO' Featuring Mariah Carey

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An epic battle is under way, with archers taking their aim from battlements and dragons exhaling massive infernos. In the chaos, a knight is knocked over and crawls next to his comrade. Just as they are about to lose all hope, the other knight uses a smartphone to summon help. From the north, east and west, legions of troops wielding massive weapons come to their aid, all accompanied by Mariah Carey's song "Hero." Some ride in on horseback, some charge in on foot and some sail in from the sea. Just as the two knights are about to be incinerated by the dragon, an enormous fireball knocks the beast out of the sky. Their savior is revealed to be Mariah Carey herself, clad in armor and brandishing a massive crossbow. She offers a motivational call to action, and two knights join her and the rest of the troops in valiantly storming the enemy armies.

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