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Loot Crate TV Commercial, 'Themed Epic Mystery Boxes'

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A man is seen receiving helping from a robot to put his overcoat on before he begins his spiel on how Loot Crate is able to obtain so many collectibles to ship out. He is seen in several different backgrounds, the first being an area with tight corridors and laser fire being exchanged by parties unseen. He then busts through a stone wall where he appears to be in the dungeon of some castle, before being seen in a car very similar to the one in Mad Max as he drives through a desolate area with oil fields. He finally arrives at the front of a house with a jet-pack on to deliver a Loot Crate box. Loot Crate is a monthly, subscription-based service that ships out trinkets and collectibles for "Geeks and Gamers" focused around a monthly theme.

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