Mercedes-Benz TV Commercial, 'The Journey Home' [T2]

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A truck pulls into a diner with a stuffed rabbit chained to its grill. The bunny lifts its head at the sound of a child's laugh as she enters the diner with her family. It struggles to free itself from its chains and treks across the snowy expanse of the parking lot. It pushes against the wind and forges the icy waters of a tire track to end up at the base of the family's Mercedes-Benz GLS equipped with 4MATIC AWD. The little girl picks up the ragged bunny and hugs it to her as it closes its eyes -- knowing it found a safe home in her arms. Mercedes says that its vehicles come equipped with 4MATIC AWD to protect everyone you hold dearest and offers special leasing on the 2020 GLC 300.

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