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Old Spice Timber TV Commercial, 'And So It Begins' Featuring Terry Crews

Published In Health & Beauty

Hello, ladies! Mustafa would like to speak with the man in your life. Walking from a bathroom and into a forest, he encourages men to get closer to nature with Old Spice Timber -- that's what their women deserve. After delivering his message, he's ready to talk to the ladies again with luxurious jewelry in hand. Aww, he shouldn't have. But, he did. He adds that soon, their men will smell like they're ready to paddle down a lake in a canoe with a large ax. Suddenly, his rival Terry Crews appears in the background. He says not to use Timber but use Old Spice Bearglove instead. Crews, wearing red shorts, is cooking up Bearglove Body Wash in a pan until the bottle cracks, revealing a hatching chicken with the head of Terry Crews. Then, he appears at the top of an erupting volcano, which burns him and turns him into a skeleton. In the next scene multiple versions of the actor all ride on a motorcycle until it crashes into Mustafa. The battle is on. Make a smellmitment with Old Spice.

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