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SoFi Super Bowl 2016 Teaser, 'This Is the Beginning of a Bankless World'

Published In Business & Legal

SoFi takes us inside an old, dark building where a bank used to run in this Super Bowl 50 teaser that is set to air shortly before the Big Game. The place is dusty, strewn with fallen leaves and filled with worn-out records of paper and ink. As we are taken through this tour of the deserted bank, the narrator describes a man-made giant of brick and water that soon outgrew the men. In referencing the 2008 financial crisis, the voice claims the giant turned into something that was out of control, becoming something "too big to fail" and "too big to succeed." At this point, we are led down a pitch-black stairway, inside a vault and toward a bright light as the narrator declares, "This is the beginning of a bankless world."

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