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State Farm TV Commercial, 'The Neighborhood: Copied Outfit' Featuring Jay Williams, Jalen Rose

Published In Insurance

Jay Williams accidentally sets his house on fire and Jalen Rose rushes over to help him, along with his State Farm agent helping him over video chat. Jay and Jalen get distracted, though, because they're wearing the same beautiful, wondrous outfit. On lesser mortals, this would cause anger but Jay and Jalen are only angry that they can't get enough of each others' beautiful self. Jalen shouts that he took a mental picture so he can review Jay's outfit whenever he want. Jay holds open his eyelids and refuses to blink lest he lose even a moment of seeing Jalen's gorgeous duds. The State Farm agent just wants to get back on task. State Farm invites you to tune into the Christmas Day NBA game between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Lakers.

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