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Stella Artois Super Bowl 2019 TV Commercial, 'Change Up The Usual' Ft. Sarah Jessica Parker, Jeff Br

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After a year filled with ambitious crossover events, Stella Artois charges into Super Bowl LIII with an unexpected pairing of its own. Carrie Bradshaw might be a city girl, but that doesn't mean she needs to drink a Cosmopolitan every time she goes out. She tells her waiter she's switching up her usual with a Stella Artois, a curve ball that stops the musicians dead in their tracks, sends plates of food plummeting to the ground and causes a pot simmering on the stove top to go up in flames. In the midst of so much chaos, Jeff 'The Dude' Leboswki enters to the lilting tune of Bob Dylan's "The Man in Me." As though the staff hasn't already had its fill of surprise for one night, the Dude tells Gary the bartender that he's forgoing his signature White Russian in favor of his own "Stella Artose," throwing even the Most Interesting Man in the World for a loop. The two iconic characters sit at adjacent tables, pontificating about how a little change can do a lot of good. "The Dude abides!"

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