XFINITY X1 Voice Remote TV Commercial, 'Minions Favorite Show'

A Minion sporting a soccer jersey is about to sit down with a cold beverage and watch "Socc-air," when another wearing a chef hat is annoyed as he walks in to find that "Socc-air" is on TV. He takes the XFINITY X1 Voice Remote and declares "Top Chef." A fight over what to watch ensues. The soccer fan calls in all his buddies to scream "socc-air!" into the remote. The chef calls in his band of fellow chefs to scream "Top Chef!." They are in an all-out yelling match, when an odd ball Minion wearing a disco get up grabs the remote and yells "Disco!." And, they finally agree on Disco. Say it and see it with the XFINITY X1 Voice Remote. See more Minions hilarity when "Minions" hits theaters July 10, 2015.

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