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Stella Artois TV Commercial, 'Holiday: The Delivery'

Published In Food & Beverage

At a brewery in Leuven, Belgium, Sebastian Artois puts the finishing touches on his new beer, Stella Artois, just in time to deliver it to a holiday party with his assistant. With their car buried in a mound of snow, and the party already underway, they are forced to walk. Artois trudges through the snow, beer in hand, and is let down, yet again, when the bridge to the party is impassable. He almost gives up, but hears sound of hundreds of hooves rattling both the ground and the bottles he holds in his hands. Hundreds of reindeer run towards him, unblocking the bridge, and he and the rest of the party patrons finally get to enjoy the rest of the night with freshly brewed Stella Artois.

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